Sunday, February 3, 2008

UGH....home repairs.

You know we've been doing some work on the house. If you own a home in Midtown then you know that it never ends. Yesterday, I went up on the roof to try and find out why the sunroom keeps leaking. I'm beginning to think that the pitch on that part of the roof isn't high enough. I'm not looking forward to that tear-off and rebuild though. It's not that it's much to tear off it's just that we did it 2 summers ago.

Then, I went around to the back and was looking at where the paint is peeling down around the foundation. And I discovered ROT. ROT DAMMIT. ROT. Now, I have to have some folks come take a look and give me an estimate on what it will cost to replace. I can do a lot of my own work but there are some things that are just out of my knowledge zone. Foundation construction is one of them.

The next big question is how are we going to pay for it. I have no idea. I'm praying to all the gods I know to provide. They will. They always have in the past. When we least expected it, some little windfall would appear. It will this time. It's just that this windfall isn't so little and it feels daunting and overwhelming. It may mean that we postpone the overhaul of the sunroom and the install of the second bathroom.

Overwhelming I tell you. If any of you have any suggestions as to how to fix this I could sure use them. I'll even post pictures if I need to.

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