Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Busy month.  And I've noticed that Facebook has cut down on my blogging because it's so immediate.  Such a nation of instant gratification.  We want it done NOW.  How many of us have called tech support or a help line on the weekend only to get the recording that says, "Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from hour to hour."  And have wanted to spit across the room because we wanted whatever was broken fixed RIGHT NOW.

I'm feeling that way about life right now.  My SO is probably going to have to have her knee replacement replaced because of an infection.  She'll have to go through PT ALLLL over and that's painful and a pain in the ass for her.  I want that fixed NOW.  It ain't happenin'.  I want my exterior doors replaced NOW.  I want my house painted and insulation blown in the attic NOW.  I want peace in the house, in this city, in this county, in this state, in the country and on the planet NOW.  Not only ain't that happenin', likely will never happen in this lifetime for me.

How this is related, I have no idea but feel the need to tell it.  We were coming home from a teen gathering last night and saw an injured raccoon on a street near our house.  We turned around and went back to see what we could do.  It was just sort of curled up on the street probably in shock.  It just looked at us rather calmly, I'd have to say and had clearly been hit by a car.  There was some blood coming from it's ear and it couldn't move or put weight on its back leg.  We were trying to figure out how to pick it up and take it to the emergency vet to at least have it euthanized but we had nothing in the car to do that with and keep us from being bitten or clawed.  It finally moved and tried to walk over to a storm drain opening dragging its back leg.

My heart hurt for it.  Still does.  I ease that hurt with the belief that it will find its nest and stay there until it heals....or that it will go peacefully in its sleep.

How does someone hit an animal with their car and keep driving?  How do they hit it in the first place unless you're speeding down the road.  Raccoons aren't that fast.  The driver had to see it coming unless they weren't paying attention or tried to hit it on purpose.  Don't scoff, I've seen that happen, a driver swerve to HIT a cat or squirrel or other animal.  I've seen it.  Was a good thing I didn't have my sidearm with me at the time.

Anyway, what happened with the raccoon feels significant to me somehow.  I'll figure it out.  I want that raccoon fixed NOW.  Dammit.