Saturday, October 18, 2008

Odd Occurances

Wow, the powers-that-be really do work in mysterious ways.  I had to take my truck in to have some work done.  The shop is right down the street.  I was waiting on my SO to pick me up but didn't see her when I walked out of the shop so I started walking down the street.  She pulled up later and picked me up on a street that we don't normally drive down.  Ever.  Not once since we've lived where we do.  As we're driving, I see a truck that belongs to a friend whom I've not spoken with in over a year.  I've left a couple of voice mails but nothing back.  I knew she'd moved from the house around the corner but didn't know where she'd went.

Until today.

We drive by and see her partner outside so we pull into the driveway and find out that my friend has been diagnosed with stage 2 metastatic cervical cancer and is facing the prospect of having everything taken out because it's metastasized to her pelvis.  She was diagnosed over a year ago.  We also find out that her partner was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer.  Both are going through chemo and radiation.

We'd have never known that had I not started walking home.  Had I not seen my SO drive up.  Had the timing been just right to drive down that particular street and had my friend's gf not been standing outside the front door of their new house.

Tell me there isn't a power larger than ourselves guiding our hands. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Wednesday Morning

Have you ever thought about the days of the week and how some get more respect than others? The weekends are royal. Monday is cursed because it interrupts the royal weekend. Wednesday is smiled at because it's "hump day" and halfway to the royal weekend. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the step-days. No respect although those are the best days for cars. It's said that if you buy a car, buy one that has been built on Tuesday or Thursday because the manufacturers are paying closer attention to what they're doing.

I have no idea why I'm pondering this. Some things pop into my head for no good reason. For instance, why do they glue the toilet paper down so that you have to shred it to get it started. Why is that? Why can't we paint stripes on the streets that you can see when it rains? Who named the Banana? Who ate the first raw oyster and why? What's the purpose of the mosquito? Proof right there that god makes mistakes.

It's 6:00AM Wednesday morning. Early hump day. I need a bumper sticker that says, "Hump it like you mean it!" Hump it like you mean it....jeez louise. How that leads me into anything political is a mystery. There's another debate which will probably be a snoozer. Perhaps we should start picking our politicians like they do on Survivor. Let's put them all on some remote island full of cannibals and see who survives. No, no....a deserted island and let's see who BECOMES a cannibal. Dog eat dog, man. Lord of the Flies. Hump day. It makes sense in my brain. Be grateful that it doesn't in yours.