Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, so far, it's been uneventful which is exactly how I like it.  Last year was a mess.  An emotional roller coaster that wore me the fuck OUT.  I'm not looking for a repeat.  


I've been reading all of the New Year's Resolutions that people are making.  "I resolve to lose weight or I resolve to eat less sugar or I resolve to...blah blah blah.  My resolution?  I resolve to be a grumpy hardass on only the days ending in Y.  How's that?  I'm pretty sure I can keep that one.  There are some I'd like to give a go at such as not eating sugar and refined white flour and white rice.  I'll give a go at not yelling at my children or spouse.  I'll give a go at have more compassion at work which means I'll be sympathetic when I fire someone.  I'll still fire them but I'll have feelings about it.  I'll give a go at not worrying about money and bills.  There is no debtors prison anymore so what's the worst that can happen?  I know how to live in a tent.

Moving on....

My horoscope for this year keeps talking about movement in my career.  Whatever.  Not seeing that happen because that would require that some people in my group leave and I don't see that happening for a long time soooooooooo.....

Anyway, it's a new year.  I have good friends and a good family.  My boys aren't in jail and haven't gotten anybody pregnant so I'm grateful for that.  I have a spouse that is still managing to run the household and do meaningful volunteer work which is remarkable.  All in all, I'm pretty happy even though I don't wear that happiness on my shirt sleeve.  No, that spot on my shirt sleeve is probably hotwing sauce.

I do have one wish and that is to be funny.  Making people laugh is a good thing.  I'll work on that.  On days ending in Y.  Those Y days are filling up with busy work already.  Jeez