Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Has Passed Us

Here's a picture of the Ike surge.

We got a lot of wind but no rain. The tide surge was impressive. It breached the dunes in several places but no damage down where we are staying. It was fun to go up and watch the waves and brave the wind. There was some sand blowing and we all joked that we could get a free microdermal abrasion treatment if we just sat down.

I just came back from the beach and have noticed that it's calming considerably. We'll probably be back in the water tomorrow. The ocean is a funny thing. No matter how hard humans try to hold the sand in one place or the water, she's always going to do pretty much what she wants. She's also going to have these little tantrums from time to time just to remind us exactly who is in charge here.

I just find that fascinating and am curious to see what the coast will look like tomorrow. What treasures will the ocean present us with? Today, it was an old laundry basket and a fishing pole. What will it be tomorrow? I can hardly wait to see.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At the Beach. Day 1

This is behind where we are staying. It's about 200' from our back door.