Friday, June 22, 2007

Time to Talk MG

I had a problem with my headlights so I took my ignition switch out and was playing with the connections. Not my fuel gauge pegs full even though I know it's not and my amphere gauge is showing a 3 discharge when the car is running. Yep, something's wrong, I just can't figure out what.

Crooks and Money

Are you hearing this? Rickey Peete quits the council while under indictment and he gets to keep his pension. I don't know of any other company out there that lets someone who QUITS KEEP THEIR PENSION. Then, to pile on the good news yesterday, we learn that Joseph Lee will get his medical insurance for life. He quit. Am I missing something here? If I quit would I get my medical for life? Would I get to keep my pension? Maybe it makes a difference on the pension thing if you've been indicted and arrested and entered a plea. I don't know. I've got to get my head right about this one.

Damn. The earth is tilting on its axis. The city buffoons pass this pitiful excuse for an ethics policy and who STILL benefits? The crooks. The liars. The thieves. I'm over it.

My ignition switch still isn't working.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Molly's La Casita

That has to be my favorite watering hole in the city. I've been going there for 16 years now I guess. Best margarita in the city. What I really like about it is how well the wait staff knows me and my family and how well I know them. Even when we're all grumpy it's ok which is the way it should be in any family.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Herman Morris for Mayor

Went to the official opening of his campaign headquarters. Was quite active and was good to see a lot of very familiar faces. I'm feeling good about it!

Good Wednesday Morning

And I'm working on this MG.....again. Seems every time I go out to drive it I have to fix something. Fairly indicative of my life at the moment. Right now it's the fuel gauge and ignition switch. The power is wonky. The needle pegs full even though I know it's not and I can't figure out why. Bad switch maybe and the horrible thing is I have no idea how to fix it.

Like this city. The mayor has let this city slide into a lawless chaos but wants US to think that some white devils are out to get him.

Guess what? We sure are but not because of his skin color. We're more concerned about his lack of leadership, integrity and vision. That ain't a color thang baby. It's time for him to go--skin color of the next mayor be damned. I want someone that will lower my taxes or at least not raise them AND spend the money wisely. I want someone that will work to lower the crime rate. I want someone who cares about the status of each and every citizen, not just the rich ones.

Not much to ask for. Not much to ask for a fuel gauge that works either but here we are.

Save this MG.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Greetings from under the Hood

Lawd, it's early on a Sunday morning. I'm waiting on the paper and working on my second cup of coffee thinking that as soon as it's a decent hour, I'll be out working on Blue. She needs a better name and maybe y'all can help me with that.

Who is Blue? More like, what is Blue? She's my 1965 MG Midget that I'm working desperately on trying to make pretty and road worthy. I'm trying to restore her to her original glory and give her back her dignity. Right now she's a mess and so am I. I'll tell you though, I've learned a lot about myself, cars, my family and friends and the value news lists. I'm a member of a group whose members have proven invaluable to me during this process.

5 years, I've been working on this car. Feeling around blindly, knowing nothing about cars before diving under the hood--which is low and small, by the way. I've learned though. Mostly, I've learned patience which I've carried over to dealings with my children, partner, co-workers and colleagues. That kind of lesson is priceless. Everything ELSE is costing me precious dollars.

So, I'd ask you to go on this journey with me. May be entertaining, may not. Who knows?