Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Herenton is Running for Congress

There are many other bloggers out there who are much more politically active than I am and who do a much better job of analyzing politics than I do so I'm not even going to try and step on their toes.

All I have is my opinion and I'm usually not afraid to share it.

Right out of high school I moved to Kansas to work with and become a professional horse trainer. Growing up in Henderson TN we had horses and I loved--still do--to ride. All of that means that I've shoveled some shit in my day and learned to recognize it. I even learned to tell a sick horse from a healthy one by the content and consistency of the shit.

Let me tell you something folks, based on the content and consistency of Herenton's shit, he's one sick muther. There's something mental going on here. Something maniacal. Based on a close examination of his shit, it's become apparent that he'll eat anything fed to him by his posse. Which means, it comes back out.

He's become a characature, a cartoon. Every time he opens his mouth, all I hear are bells, whistles, honks and snorts. How do we take him seriously when he strips to his boxers and crawls into a boxing ring to trade punches with another over-the-hill boxer who has also stripped to his boxers? How do we take him seriously when he fathers an out of wedlock baby in his 60's? Has the FOOL not heard of STD's, AIDS or protection? How do we take his ability to make decisions in the heat of the moment or an emergency situation when he can't pause long enough to wrap the wand? What the hell do we think he'd do in a major storm? Oh, wait...we know that. He goes to Little Rock to raise some money.

My bad. I forgot for a moment.

How do we take him seriously when he continues to put total gomers in positions of authority over important divisions of the city? Joseph Lee? Yolanda McFadden? Loraine Essex? Good lord, what decisions would he make as our congressman?

What about his flipflops on the superintendent? "Hell no on Kriner Cash. I'm the best man for the job." Then, "Hey, Kriner's cool. I didn't really mean what I said."

Joseph's in, Joseph's out, Joseph's in, Joseph's out, Joseph's resigned but now is assistant at the Parks department.

That must have been a helluva blowjob.

He's become a sad, disillusioned man and I feel for him. I suspect that he's had unprotected sex one too many times because he's showing symptoms of some ugly STD. Trot on down to the Health Department and get yo'self checked out Mr. Mayor. Your lack of judgement is showing and it's embarrasing.

I feel sorry for him. He needs help and none of his friends will tell him so. He's lost touch. He's ruined this city. The damage he's done will take years to fix.

Friday, June 12, 2009


We've returned from Florida. It was a wonderful trip. There was a slight snafu in the beginning with where we were going to stay but things worked out for the best. We found a place that we can park the rv further down the beach for free. Was awesome! I have some pictures to share. The dolphins were only about 30 yards off shore. You could hear them clear their blowholes. The weather was wonderful and the water was clear. We go back later in the year.

I must send much appreciation to our wonderful housesitters. They are the BOMB!

The oldest is taking a college class. French. He wanted to take Latin but it didn't make much to his disappointment. He's also doing an internship with Opera Memphis. I think he's enjoying it. The youngest is doing three camps this summer. 2 at Bridges and one at the Library. Tech camp, some environmental thing. I don't remember the other one. All I know is he'll be out of the house.

I'm having some issues at work. I don't know how to move past this latest setback. Many people say that there's always a lesson. I'm not sure what this one is. The cosmos has resorted to 4x4's and it hurts. My heart has been hurt by a decision that has been made by someone who I thought respected and appreciated my job knowledge and ability. Apparently he doesn't. There's been damage done to our relationship and I'm not sure I can move past it.

Life goes on I guess.