Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not so much sadness anymore

So the oldest has been going to MASE for about a week now and is really doing well.  He gets up without fussing, does his homework and doesn't mind putting on the uniform and tie.  The only problem is that he brought home a bitch of a cold day before yesterday and even had to miss a day of school.

The youngest starts Monday.  He's very excited.  We bought his supplies along with a voice recorder so he can record his teacher's lectures.  The thinks he's big stuff now. 

It's given the SO some much needed relief.  She says she actually feels rested now.  We're looking into some medication for her fatigue.

We're going to the Ornamental Metal Museum's iron pour tonight.  That should be great fun.  If you can, come out and watch.  Molten iron poured from a big machine into molds.  My kind of fun.

The youngest just watched an episode of Mythbusters and is now outside making shiny mudballs.  And people wonder why I have a cocktail now and then.

Oh...we just ate lunch at the Bar B Que Shop on Madison.  Best ribs and sauce in town.  I could drink the sauce.  I could pour it in a cup and sip it.  It's just the best I've ever tasted.  Here's their webpage:

Go, you won't regret it.