Saturday, February 7, 2009

Satan Designed my Jeep's Engine

That's the only explanation I have for why a rocker cover bolt is placed at the back of the cover near the fire wall.  There is NO room to work back there.  If the bolt hadn't already been a little loose, I'd have never gotten it off.

And it's also very obvious that whoever designed this truck had no intentions of a short fat chick ever working on it.  I can't reach JACK without a footstool.  How dignified is that?  I'm doing serious work on my own truck and I have to drag the kitchen stool out to the street just so I can reach all the bolts that need to be removed.

Of course, if one built a car that I could easily and comfortably work on, nobody could fit in it.

Anyway, I changed the rocker cover gasket today.  Took me 4 hours and several colorful expressions to get it done.  Saved a couple hundred dollars.  And I'm going to need that money just to fill up the RV.

Now, I just have to figure out how to get the grossness out from under my fingernails.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our New RV

God....we bought a used RV yesterday. Can we afford it? Not really but can we not not afford it? With the future uncertain for my SO, we had to do it. I asked a friend for her opinion and she said that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

We had to do it and will love it.

It's an older model which the color scheme reflects. Browns and creams but that's ok. It's functional and in good shape. We took her for a test drive out to Meeman and it worked well. We did a test run of hooking up to services and times how long it took. You ready? 5 minutes to back in and set up. Beats the heck out of a tent. We moved all of our camping gear in which freed up space in the house. I even joked that we could turn it into our oldest's bedroom or a retreat for the adults.

Now, I have to see about claiming it as a second home.

Check out the pictures.