Saturday, February 28, 2009


My sister and her husband are in China and for Christmas, they gave us the awesome set of chopsticks.  Enough in the set for each of us to have our own.  I sent her a thank you email telling her how great they were and that we would use them all the time.

Little did I know how accurate that statement would be.

This morning I decided to make myself some breakfast which consisted of large hotdogs, mustard and sweet pickle relish.  The boys come in and smell it cooking then say they want some.  I oblige.

10 minutes later I walk back into the kitchen and see my youngest eating cut up hotdogs with the chopsticks sent from China.

Everything except ice cream.  None of us have tackled that yet.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mother and Son projects

My youngest and I have been traveling a rocky time of it lately. I haven't really wanted to be around him because of his behavior.

He came home Friday with a school project. He was supposed to build a telegraph. Since I am the building mom, it fell to me to help.

I'm glad it did. Gave us time to reconnect. Hopefully, we've moved past the rocky part if only for a little while.

I should say that we got the telegraph built and it does actually work. It's a little crude; nevertheless, it dots and dashes just like it was meant to. We'll see what grade he gets.

We'll see how he behaves.

We'll see how I feel about him in a week and how well I pass this test of patience and self-control.