Saturday, May 22, 2010

18 years

My oldest graduated yesterday (May 21, 2010)and I'm still struggling to figure out where the time went. How did he get to be this age? Hit this milestone? Jeez, I still remember changing diapers. I didn't change many. My SO did that but she told me that if I'd get pregnant and have a baby she'd do everything else.

I believed her.

She said she didn't mean everything.

I said, "Then you should have chosen a different word."

She just walked away shaking her head.

Did you know that men and women communicate differently? Yeah, weird ain't it? Apparently I communicate like a man and she doesn't. How we function as a couple is a wonder.

But I digress.

The oldest will be leaving the nest in the fall to live on campus. He needs that experience. Every child needs to get out from under the parents' wing for a while. Doesn't mean they can't/don't come back. Seems to happen a lot this day and age. But, they need to step out in the first place. They need to grow up and in order to do that they need to experience some life. That won't happen buried in his bedroom watching warped cartoons and overloading on NCIS everyday.

He took a tiny step when he walked across the stage and moved his tassel. He'll take another one after he gets his driver's license and another one when he sleeps his first night in his dorm room. Before you know it, a million tiny steps makes a life. I hope his is well lived.