Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My letter to city council and county commission

Dear City Council/County Commission, (names and references changed where appropriate to each governing body)

It’s my understanding that
the Mayor is going to ask for a city property tax increase. I am asking you to vote no on this

This madness must stop. Since 2004, my property taxes have
doubled. I cannot absorb another
increase especially when I know there are places that city spending can be

As elected officials, you are
required to make tough decisions and this is one of the toughest. It’s time to examine city services and
determine what essential services the city is required to provide. I believe the city government can and must be

How long can you expect the
few citizens left in this city to shoulder this increasing burden before
breaking? For me, I can tell you, not
much longer. Another increase coupled
with a county tax increase and the proposed privilege tax will force me to sell
my house and move out of the county. As
paltry as my little $2100 in property taxes may seem in the grand scheme of
things, it is still $2100 that will go away.
How many more of those $2100 can you afford to lose? I’d say, not many but that’s what will begin
to happen.

We have an out of touch Mayor
and a seemingly out of touch City Council.
I’m asking that you step up to the plate and do what may difficult but
necessary. Say no to a new tax increase.