Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On another note.....

How about that FREAK we call a city mayor?? Can someone PLEASE put him out of our misery? His arrogance is clinical and he needs treatment. I'm still holding out that the Feds are headed his way. Word is that they've questioned his son. I don't know about any of you but I haven't heard the fat lady sing just yet.

How is it that we have a mayor who a majority of the voters did NOT vote for? Something's wrong with that. I'm thinking that the charter needs to change how the mayor is elected. It shouldn't be a free-for-all or simple majority. There should be a primary and a runoff. The dynamics of the city and the racial make-up of the city has changed. The old rule isn't necessary. How do we change it?

And he ran, why?? To save us? Save us from what? That big bully Herman Morris or that bigger bully Carol Chumney? Please. Take your lanky, crazy, egomaniacal black ass home. I'm tired of hearing the puss that oozes from your mouth.

A piece of advice....

Never--EVER--put a hot screw in your shorts pocket. I learned that little lesson today after trying to hang the new ceiling fan in the sunroom.

No...I'm not finished with that little remodel. Yesterday, I climb up on the ladder and begin trying to hang the ceiling fan from the existing electrical box. Everytime we do a remodel in this house we discover just how crappy the former remodelers were. Who hangs an electrical box that is going to support a fan with FINE THREAD SHEETROCK SCREWS??? Not only that but they had barely hit the joist that's up there. How that old fan had not fallen is a mystery and miracle to me.

I took the old screws out including one that was partially screwed in with the head stripped out. That's when I discovered that a hot screw will burn through your shorts pocket. I also learned that one must not move very quickly on a 6' ladder. I'm sure the dirty handprint on the freshly painted ceiling can be touched up with new ceiling paint.

I persevered though. I got that new fan hung securely. I had to drill holes in the box so that the screws would hit the joist in the middle. I could hang from that fan if I wanted to. Some would call me stubborn. I prefer determined. This room will NOT get the best of me.

My oldest and I moved the saltwater tank Sunday. I can now finish laying the tile. Oh, guess what about the tile. It's not uniform in it's size. Some of the tiles are 1/16th" larger than others. Do you know what havoc that plays with laying a tile floor? Grout lines are not uniform. Drives me crazy.

Anyway, the oldest and I moved that tank. I had to tear it completely down and even mostly empty that tank weighs 100 or so pounds. It's in its new home and level.

The remodel is winding down. I have part of a wall to paint, crown moulding to put up, baseboard to put up and tile to grout. Then we'll be finished with it and on to the next project.

I'm tired but determined.