Saturday, December 18, 2010

Apparently, I haven't had much to say for the last few months.

That's not exactly true. I've had lots to say but by the time I sit down at the computer, I have either forgotten what it was or the moment and the passion about it has passed. I must be an emotional writer. I'd probably starve if I had to do it for money. I'd probably starve if I had to do a lot of things for money. I guess it's good I do what I do then isn't it?

This year has been a rough year in this house. We transitioned one son out to college and we've dealt with growing and emotional pains with the other son. He has transitioned to a new school and seems to be doing well there although, I suspect he wasn't prepared for the amount of work he was going to have to do. That's been an eye-opener for all of us. There have been some emotional disappointments for my wife.

Through it all--all the ugly--all the nasty--all the unfortunate choice of works, the screaming, the tears, we have managed to remain a pretty strong family unit. It hasn't been easy and still isn't and won't be for the foreseeable future. I guess it's like the body. As long as the core is strong, the body will function better. Our core is strong.

Diane goes in for a revision on her bionic knee. It needs to be done. There's no reason she should be living in pain after a knee replacement when everyone I talk to who has had it done is now pain free. I wonder if we should sue the first surgeon who screwed it up? Thoughts?

We're all a little nervous about this surgery given what we went through the last time. I think we're better prepared including the doctors who have been working with each other to form a plan. I shouldn't worry. But I do.

We're spending Christmas at the beach. It's always good for us to get away there. We all tend to recharge and reground. My youngest needs that. So do the rest of us but he seems to be the most at odds with himself than the rest of us.

A karmic break would be nice. Figuring out what I'm supposed to be learning this time around would be nice. Peace in my house, head and heart would be nice.

I'm rambling. I have gifts to wrap for the family. And to the rest of you, I'll be making a donation to the Ronald McDonald on your behalf.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Does Fullilove have brain damage?

End of Summer

It's quickly approaching.  The youngest has already started classes at his new school and so far seems to be doing well.  I suspect the heavy load hasn't hit yet and will be a real eye-opener when it does.

The oldest moves into his college dorm Friday.  I can hardly believe it.  He turned 18 on the 11th and I can hardly believe that as well.  He has all of the stuff he's taking packed up and in the middle of the living room floor.  I'm not sure if it's a monument or a wall.   Or just an effort to make sure he doesn't forget anything.

I know kids go to college all the time and succeed but I worry.  I hope he's prepared.  I hope we've done what we were supposed to do to get him ready for this day and for the rest of the days.  I think he's a little nervous because he's been testy that last week or so.  I guess we all have our days but jeez o pete, he's had a string of them.  Doesn't help that there's other tension in the house.  So much going on and no end in sight.

Retirement is looking better and better.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

The youngest is in a 2 week on-campus math camp. I will assume he's doing well because we haven't gotten a phone call from him or the counselors. This is a good sign. It's also been very very quiet in the house. I'm getting half a look at the empty nest. The oldest is still here but will be moving on campus for his freshman year of college. Who would have thought that almost 18 years ago we would be one day preparing to send our oldest off to college? Good lord, back then I was wondering when he was going to sleep through the night or eat something green besides a crayon.

And here we are....weeks away from sending him out into the world. Sort of. He'll still be on campus surrounded by people who will have some watchful eye on him. It's not a lot but it's something. And he's far enough away that he won't have us breathing down his neck but close enough that if something major happens we can swoop in.

I worry. He's not the most organized human I've ever dealt with and I can only hope that he'll manage once he gets to school. He's responsible enough. He continued going to high school after we had to take his brother out and he never begged to miss or whined about him having to go when his brother didn't. That gives me hope that he'll do well in college. He's competitive enough to make the grades so I'm not terribly worried there although I don't think he was challenged enough in high school so he may be in for a shock in college.

As for all of the advice that our friends have been giving the oldest......he knows better.

I think.

I wonder what it will be like with just the youngest here. He'll have 2 years to experience life as an only. The oldest had it before his brother was born be he doesn't really remember. The youngest will have an advantage there.....provided I don't kill him and cut him up for chili.

There have been moments....

I do have to say that both children are very different when the brother isn't around. I'm hoping that holds true beginning in August. We'll see.

It's quiet right now.

I like it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

18 years

My oldest graduated yesterday (May 21, 2010)and I'm still struggling to figure out where the time went. How did he get to be this age? Hit this milestone? Jeez, I still remember changing diapers. I didn't change many. My SO did that but she told me that if I'd get pregnant and have a baby she'd do everything else.

I believed her.

She said she didn't mean everything.

I said, "Then you should have chosen a different word."

She just walked away shaking her head.

Did you know that men and women communicate differently? Yeah, weird ain't it? Apparently I communicate like a man and she doesn't. How we function as a couple is a wonder.

But I digress.

The oldest will be leaving the nest in the fall to live on campus. He needs that experience. Every child needs to get out from under the parents' wing for a while. Doesn't mean they can't/don't come back. Seems to happen a lot this day and age. But, they need to step out in the first place. They need to grow up and in order to do that they need to experience some life. That won't happen buried in his bedroom watching warped cartoons and overloading on NCIS everyday.

He took a tiny step when he walked across the stage and moved his tassel. He'll take another one after he gets his driver's license and another one when he sleeps his first night in his dorm room. Before you know it, a million tiny steps makes a life. I hope his is well lived.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthdays and Such

Been a while.  I wonder if Facebook is killing the blog.  Just had a birthday.  I've crossed over the mid-century mark and have had several people ask me how it feels.  No different than 10 years ago really.  I have no aches or pains except for a few pains in the arse at work but that doesn't really count I guess.  Perhaps I can't multitask quite as well as I used to but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I really should focus on one thing at a time and certainly should focus on the person trying to talk to me instead of answering an email or text all at the same time.  Kinda rude.

I have a slight health issue that I have to learn to deal with but am focused and energized to do that.  Time to give up sugar and white flour.  Time to really get serious about exercising because my goal is to live to 120 and still be healthy.  Afterall, we have to do some serious traveling in the new RV we just bought because the old RV became possessed and decided to just break things while on the road. 

Anyway, my birthday was swell.  A good friend sent margaritas to our table last night and she lives in Vicksburg.  How sweet is that?

The oldest graduates May 21 and starts college in August.  Good god, how did that happen?

Where does the time go?  Clearly, I don't pass it updating here. I should do better.  I will.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

The oldest wanted to go to Washington DC to see the museums and have his picture The oldest wanted to go to Washington DC to see the museums and have his picture taken with the Einstein statue so that's where we went instead of the beach and it's probably just as well.

It was a nightmare getting there.

There was a time we weren't certain we would be able to make it because of the infection in Diane's knee. We still weren't certain until the Friday before the Saturday that we left. She had to go back to the doctor and get the "ok" to leave because she'd developed a black spot in the incision. Once we got the go ahead, we left and it was hectic and last minute.

This trip has been one nightmare after another. I think we're about to get it all worked out though. We had a blowout in Jackson TN. When the tread separated it broke the tailpipe so 5 hours later and $750 later with a new tailpipe and 3 new tires, we were back on the road. We ended up spending the night in a Super 8 motel parking lot in a storm. We rocked and rolled all night.

The next day, we start running hot and develop a whistle that I describe as a small tea kettle. Turns out I was right. We had a small hole in the radiator. But, before we had that diagnosed, we pulled into a Shell station in tiny Linden VA to get gas. This is when the starter and alternator burned up. We couldn't get towed all the way into the park we're staying because the tow truck couldn't take all of us so we ended up sending the night in the beautiful Shell station parking lot until early the next morning. We rented a car the next morning and got towed to our spot. There's a great mobile mechanic that's put a new radiator, alternator, starter and fixed a transmission leak for us. The tow truck driver dropped the drive shaft then when we got here said he couldn't put it back on. The mechanic said he'd do that for us.

We were a day late getting here which meant we had to cram getting our marriage license into one day which took almost 5 hours to complete. That blew a day. Then we spent almost a full day with the mechanic at the RV park. Nothing that we had planned went as planned.

We did manage to see a couple of monuments and Max's hero, Einstein. Today we spent almost all day getting to and from the Rabbi that did our very tiny ceremony. This evening, we took the RV out and guess what? It ran hot again. The mechanic is coming tomorrow at 8 AM to look at it. He said don't worry because he thinks (and so do we) that it's a faulty gauge. So, we left and had only one moment of problems. The float stuck in the carb so I had to get out, take the breather cover off and bang on the carb to unstick the float. Didn't do it again. Let me tell you, thick clouds of black smoke from your tailpipe is an eye-opener.

We stopped in a state park just outside of Knoxville for the night. Booger Holler ladies and gentlemen. The park is beautiful and sits on a huge lake. I'd love to go back but being surrounded by Nascar folks after the wonderful RV park in DC was jarring.

We plan to come back when we can just relax and enjoy the trip. We did learn something....this family doesn't get upset with each other when things like this go wrong. We pull together and enjoy each other's company. I love that.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can you imagine the possibilities??

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Digitally printed tiles make magnificent murals

Digitally printed tiles make  magnificent murals

Once you've dressed up your garage door like an airplane hangar, your next trick is to make your shower look like it's sitting at the bottom of a gigantic waterfall. That's easy with these Okhyo tiles, ceramic squares that bring extra-sharp digitally printed photos into unexpected places.

Not happy with the selection? Choose your own photo and have it printed on these tiles that look great in a bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else tiles would go. Only problem is, we might get tired of the same picture all the time. Remind us to create tiles like this out of OLED video screens. Someday.

Okhyo, via Trendir

It's Thursday

Thursday suffers from identity crisis.  It falls after Hump Day Wednesday so it feels inferior because everybody is dancing that it's Wednesday.  It falls before Friday.  Everybody is overlooking Thursday in order to see Friday.

Poor Thursday.

I'm reprinting this from its original page. I hope they don't mind.

Because it needs to be talked about.  What's wrong with some people?

Senators Who Voted Against Extending Jobless Benefits Hail From States Devastated by Recession

by Chris Kromm

Late yesterday, Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning relented on a multi-day filibuster that was holding up passage of a bill including a 30-day extension on unemployment benefits.

Bunning's retreat allowed the bill to reach the Senate floor, where it quickly passed 78-19 and was signed into law by President Obama last night (the House had passed a similar measure last week).

The Kentucky senator's intransigence may turn out to be a political blunder, just at a time when the GOP was gaining political momentum. Fellow Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine criticized Bunning's move, saying over 500 jobless would lose benefits in the next week in her home state.

It's also unlikely to endear Bunning and Republicans in states hard-hit by the recession and facing high unemployment.

Of the 19 Senators who voted against the package including jobless benefits after the filibuster ended, eight of them come from states that face jobless rates higher than the national average -- all but one of them (Sen. Ensign of Nevada) from the South.

 As the chart shows, Republicans in the South who voted against the bill are especially vulnerable to charges that they're putting politics ahead of the interests of their own recession-rocked constituents.

These are the kind of votes that could prove costly for Republicans where they face challengers in 2010, including North Carolina, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

It could even be an issue in states like Texas, where -- despite having an unemployment rate below the national average -- over a quarter million residents lost jobs in 2009. But ironically, the vote was cast by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who on the same day lost in her primary bid defend her senate seat.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What an ass!

What a Dick! After destroying Anderton's facade, now selling on Twitpic

What an ass! He buys Anderton's then lets it sit and rot after a storm. He bulldozes the beautiful facade and now this. The fucker had no intentions of trying to save the building.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Busy month.  And I've noticed that Facebook has cut down on my blogging because it's so immediate.  Such a nation of instant gratification.  We want it done NOW.  How many of us have called tech support or a help line on the weekend only to get the recording that says, "Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from hour to hour."  And have wanted to spit across the room because we wanted whatever was broken fixed RIGHT NOW.

I'm feeling that way about life right now.  My SO is probably going to have to have her knee replacement replaced because of an infection.  She'll have to go through PT ALLLL over and that's painful and a pain in the ass for her.  I want that fixed NOW.  It ain't happenin'.  I want my exterior doors replaced NOW.  I want my house painted and insulation blown in the attic NOW.  I want peace in the house, in this city, in this county, in this state, in the country and on the planet NOW.  Not only ain't that happenin', likely will never happen in this lifetime for me.

How this is related, I have no idea but feel the need to tell it.  We were coming home from a teen gathering last night and saw an injured raccoon on a street near our house.  We turned around and went back to see what we could do.  It was just sort of curled up on the street probably in shock.  It just looked at us rather calmly, I'd have to say and had clearly been hit by a car.  There was some blood coming from it's ear and it couldn't move or put weight on its back leg.  We were trying to figure out how to pick it up and take it to the emergency vet to at least have it euthanized but we had nothing in the car to do that with and keep us from being bitten or clawed.  It finally moved and tried to walk over to a storm drain opening dragging its back leg.

My heart hurt for it.  Still does.  I ease that hurt with the belief that it will find its nest and stay there until it heals....or that it will go peacefully in its sleep.

How does someone hit an animal with their car and keep driving?  How do they hit it in the first place unless you're speeding down the road.  Raccoons aren't that fast.  The driver had to see it coming unless they weren't paying attention or tried to hit it on purpose.  Don't scoff, I've seen that happen, a driver swerve to HIT a cat or squirrel or other animal.  I've seen it.  Was a good thing I didn't have my sidearm with me at the time.

Anyway, what happened with the raccoon feels significant to me somehow.  I'll figure it out.  I want that raccoon fixed NOW.  Dammit.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tired of Junk Mail

Here's a website that let's you opt out of allowing companies to check your credit then send you applications or other junk mail.  I did it.  We'll see if it cuts down on the amount of junk I get.