Saturday, December 18, 2010

Apparently, I haven't had much to say for the last few months.

That's not exactly true. I've had lots to say but by the time I sit down at the computer, I have either forgotten what it was or the moment and the passion about it has passed. I must be an emotional writer. I'd probably starve if I had to do it for money. I'd probably starve if I had to do a lot of things for money. I guess it's good I do what I do then isn't it?

This year has been a rough year in this house. We transitioned one son out to college and we've dealt with growing and emotional pains with the other son. He has transitioned to a new school and seems to be doing well there although, I suspect he wasn't prepared for the amount of work he was going to have to do. That's been an eye-opener for all of us. There have been some emotional disappointments for my wife.

Through it all--all the ugly--all the nasty--all the unfortunate choice of works, the screaming, the tears, we have managed to remain a pretty strong family unit. It hasn't been easy and still isn't and won't be for the foreseeable future. I guess it's like the body. As long as the core is strong, the body will function better. Our core is strong.

Diane goes in for a revision on her bionic knee. It needs to be done. There's no reason she should be living in pain after a knee replacement when everyone I talk to who has had it done is now pain free. I wonder if we should sue the first surgeon who screwed it up? Thoughts?

We're all a little nervous about this surgery given what we went through the last time. I think we're better prepared including the doctors who have been working with each other to form a plan. I shouldn't worry. But I do.

We're spending Christmas at the beach. It's always good for us to get away there. We all tend to recharge and reground. My youngest needs that. So do the rest of us but he seems to be the most at odds with himself than the rest of us.

A karmic break would be nice. Figuring out what I'm supposed to be learning this time around would be nice. Peace in my house, head and heart would be nice.

I'm rambling. I have gifts to wrap for the family. And to the rest of you, I'll be making a donation to the Ronald McDonald on your behalf.

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