Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time Flies....

Thanksgiving is over. We went to visit my SO's family out of state. It was a good trip and I would imagine we'll be making that trip more and more often while my SO's still remembers. The boys are really enjoying their cousins. It's a shame that we have to travel out of state for the boys to play with their cousins knowing that they have some here in the city and yet either my brother or his ex-wife won't allow them to get together more often than gatherings at the parental units' house.

What a fucked up family I'm part of. They have no idea what I'm or this family is going through. I visited my step mother today. She asked what was wrong with my SO. I know I've told her--told them all---but they don't really pay attention. She said she was sorry when I told her. I'm not even sure she really cares. I don't give much energy to it anymore. Just makes me angry and I have other things to be angry about right now. Stupid people isn't something I need to waste time with anymore.

We've decided to make the most of what we have left and God only knows how long that will be. There could be a rapid deterioation within just a few years or we may not see any further decline for many years. Who knows? So, we've decided to look at good used RV's so that we can do some traveling and camping. Everybody enjoys that. I know that I should be focused on getting out of debt right now but to hell with it. Doesn't make any sense to pinch pennys now and wait to have fun when we run the risk of my SO not knowing what is happening years from now. So we live life today. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I'll deal with tomorrow when it gets here.