Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Pet Peeve

I want to sit down with the brain trusts that designed where the manholes in the streets would be placed. Who was smoking the crack the day that they decided they'd put the manholes IN THE PART OF THE LANE THAT YOU HAVE TO DRIVE ON??? Why not in the middle of the lane where the car could easily pass over without one single wheel hitting the manhole?

And who is the brain trust that decides, "Hey, they just paved the street to make it all nice and smooth so let's go dig a bunch of utility holes in it."

Sets my teeth on edge.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's 6:00AM

I'm trying to follow this nonsense about who had the authority to hire and fire the city council's support staff. Here's my question. WHO THE HELL CARES??? Why is the mayor sooo concerned about the council taking control of hiring their own secretary unless he's looking for a place to put some cronies. I can think of an ex cocktail waitress that's looking for a job.

Honest to pete, the city is going to hell in a handbasket and the mayor is worried about hiring a steno clerk. how many murders have we had this year? How many drug busts? How many times has MY TRUCK BEEN BROKEN IN TO? And speaking of that while veering off-topic for a moment. I've put a curse on the sumbitch that keeps breaking into my truck. If you see someone walking the streets with pustules all over their face then you'll know who the thief is.

Back on topic. This is a powerplay pure and simple. Perhaps on both parts but seems to me that the mayor would have more pressing matters on his plate than clerical support. Let's see, there's consolidation, neighborhood blight, rampant crime and an eroding tax base. But let's get all bent out of shape over the council hiring their own employees.

Shit. Rome is burning Nero.

My MG is still for sale.