Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung

...all over the place. I've washed pollen off every horizontal surface I have and that includes indoors. We have an attic fan that we run. It's huge which means it sucks in all sorts of things through the window screens.

We've had our first baby visitor. Our lovely newest cat decided to bring us a screaming baby bird the other night. Thank goodness he has sense enough to take it to the bathroom. I still haven't decided why they've made that the killing room. Fortunately, the baby bird was alive and well when I retrieved it from the cat's mouth. I took it outside and put it where I thought it would be safe and where its mother could find it. I'm trying hard not to think about what happened after that. I will always believe that it's safe and growing.

We went to the Jimmy Buffet concert in Dallas last weekend. My first Buffet experience and I must say it was a grand one. RV's everywhere. People everywhere. Costumes and booze EVERYWHERE. One guy even brought a hot tub on a flatbed trailer. Wow. We're going back next year.

I"ve got to get my bike running. It's time to get back on it. It calms me. Better than a therapist or drugs. I can't explain it. One would have to ride to understand and I recommend that everyone buy a motorcycle and ride ride ride. It's awesome.

Nothing of much substance here. My SO is maintaining although I'm noticing that she's tiring much more quickly. I'm still holing out hope for a cure soon or at least a better treatment regimen.