Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ramblings on an Early Saturday Morning

For the three people that read this blog, go to Big Scoop today.  It's at the Redbirds Stadium.  It's a good excuse to go eat all the ice cream you can stand AND raise money for a good cause.  It benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis.  And to toot my own horn for a moment, I'm on the Board there and have been for many years.  So many that I've lost count.  It's a beautiful place and it's mission is amazing.  Families whose lives have been torn apart by a severe medical diagnosis for one of their children shouldn't have to worry about where they will live or survive while their child is here for treatment.  Suddenly, sometimes within hours, they must leave their home and travel to a strange city for treatment at St. Jude's. 

That's where the House comes in.  We house the families for free.  They don't have to pay for a thing while they are here.  All they have to do is take care of their sick child and that child's siblings so that not only will the sick child heal but so will the entire family.  We are not totally supported by McDonalds the way Target House is supported by Target or the Grizzlies House is supported by the Grizzlies.  We rely on donations from regular people.  Every nickle, dime and dollar is needed to make that House run.  So, go eat ice cream and raise money for a beautiful cause.  If you don't want to eat ice cream at least get involved.  There are other things you can do.  Donate a dollar or a thousand.  Volunteer.  Work another event.  Buy tickets for Oscar Night.  Donate during the Radiothon.  Visit the House.  It will touch you and change you.  It did me. 

It takes everybody no matter their status.  I had a weak moment in which I thought that I didn't fit anymore.  I was not so gently reminded that it DOES take everybody no matter their status.  You can save your change.  Save your pull tabs.  Donate $5 a month for $500 a month.  JUST GET INVOLVED.