Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've been in town for a week. I'm due back on the beach Sunday for my final glorious week there. American's don't vacation enough. I don't realize how tired I am until that first day out on the sand and in the water. It's as if I take off that weighted backpack for the first time and I feel my shoulders begin to lift. Almost like I'm floating off the ground.

Work still annoys me. I work for a know nothing do nothing manager. I am charged with making decisions all day long yet when I do, I'm second guessed by this know nothing do nothing manager. The area is in disarray and it's beginning to wear thin. Unemployment is beginning to look better and better. We could live out of the Element easily. I know...become professional house-sitters and just move from house to house. I'm dreaming or delusional, not sure which. I just know that I don't like going to work anymore and that's a new feeling for me. It's overwhelming right now. The bright spot are the people I work with. I am encouraged. I believe they trust my judgment and value my opinions. That helps.

In other news--Kellen is growing almost in front of my very eyes. Kittens do that. My boys are doing well. We still have moments in which I'd like to bury them head down in a hole but who doesn't?

This election season is driving me crazy. I still don't know how Obama got the nomination--well, I do. Because Florida and Michigan's delegates didn't count but still. And I sure as HELL don't know how McClutz got his nomination. This financial mess (which McClutz helped create) is a nightmare and his decision to postpone the debate Friday is just chickenshit. I believe he doesn't want to debate because he knows he's going to get smoked and because he knows that some of his involvement in this debacle is going to get called out there. Freak. Chickenshit Freak. Coward.

And Palin. That one ought to scare smart people to death. Can you imagine her running the country? I mean, I know that the President makes very few decisions without the input of a bazillion advisors but still.........I have a headache just thinking about it.

I have grocery shopping to do. The bug lady is coming to the house today. I have brochures to put together for a seminar and a monster of a statistical report to build before the end of the month.

My feet itch.