Sunday, April 26, 2009


Was beautiful.  I got out and cleaned up some leaves and a pile of sticks and tree limbs that we've been collecting with the intention of burning them in the firepit in the backyard.  Didn't happen so I just hauled them to the street.

I mowed the backyard with a weedeater.  It's not that large obviously.  What amazes me about that backyard, though, it just how much yard trash it generates.  Good god, it never stops.  Sticks, leaves, just tree crap everywhere.

I was going to try and get my motorcycle started.  Something's wrong with the float.  I didn't find that out soon enough today to work on it.  Guess it'll have to wait until next weekend.  I can't afford a mechanic right now so I'm going to have to feel my way through it.

There's still work to be done on the house.  I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed by the thought.  I don't know how to do it all which bothers me.  I have some roofing work to do, rerouting of the water heater vent, painting, jacking up the house.  You know, general home owner shit.

Perhaps I should sell and live in the RV.