Saturday, July 7, 2007

I have really great friends

Several years ago I celebrated a birthday and was given a surprise party at my favorite restaurant--Molly's La Casita on Madison. It wasn't a milestone birthday and yet my friends and family got together and gave me a little surprise. They pooled their money and gave me a mobile tool chest from Stanley. I want to thank them again and every time I use it. It's been on e of the best gifts I've ever received. I use it almost daily. I think of them every time I use it. Even though two of them have moved away, it keeps them very close to me and I cherish that.

Even when I'm working on and cussing that damn MG, I'm thinking about and loving my friends for this gift. I have really good friends and they are extremely appreciated. I don't always tell them but hope that I show them. I don't want them to doubt or forget.

You're all the best and you know who you are.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Not Much Work on the MG Today

I took the day off because everybody in the house is sick except me. Probably food poisoning from eating at a salad bar somewhere between here and Atlanta. I thought about tinkering with the car but didn't. Change a faucet in the tub instead all while running co-cola from the kitchen from whichever patient needed it. Probably going to have to take tomorrow off too since they're all still making multiple trips to the toilet.

I have one seatbelt ready to install but am waiting on the second one so that I only have to raise the ar once. Not only that, I have to find where in the world I bolt these suckers on. It also means I probably have to take the seats and carpet out unless I can see the bolt holes from the bottom of the car. Gawd. Who talked me into this project?