Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

The youngest is in a 2 week on-campus math camp. I will assume he's doing well because we haven't gotten a phone call from him or the counselors. This is a good sign. It's also been very very quiet in the house. I'm getting half a look at the empty nest. The oldest is still here but will be moving on campus for his freshman year of college. Who would have thought that almost 18 years ago we would be one day preparing to send our oldest off to college? Good lord, back then I was wondering when he was going to sleep through the night or eat something green besides a crayon.

And here we are....weeks away from sending him out into the world. Sort of. He'll still be on campus surrounded by people who will have some watchful eye on him. It's not a lot but it's something. And he's far enough away that he won't have us breathing down his neck but close enough that if something major happens we can swoop in.

I worry. He's not the most organized human I've ever dealt with and I can only hope that he'll manage once he gets to school. He's responsible enough. He continued going to high school after we had to take his brother out and he never begged to miss or whined about him having to go when his brother didn't. That gives me hope that he'll do well in college. He's competitive enough to make the grades so I'm not terribly worried there although I don't think he was challenged enough in high school so he may be in for a shock in college.

As for all of the advice that our friends have been giving the oldest......he knows better.

I think.

I wonder what it will be like with just the youngest here. He'll have 2 years to experience life as an only. The oldest had it before his brother was born be he doesn't really remember. The youngest will have an advantage there.....provided I don't kill him and cut him up for chili.

There have been moments....

I do have to say that both children are very different when the brother isn't around. I'm hoping that holds true beginning in August. We'll see.

It's quiet right now.

I like it.

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