Sunday, June 17, 2007

Greetings from under the Hood

Lawd, it's early on a Sunday morning. I'm waiting on the paper and working on my second cup of coffee thinking that as soon as it's a decent hour, I'll be out working on Blue. She needs a better name and maybe y'all can help me with that.

Who is Blue? More like, what is Blue? She's my 1965 MG Midget that I'm working desperately on trying to make pretty and road worthy. I'm trying to restore her to her original glory and give her back her dignity. Right now she's a mess and so am I. I'll tell you though, I've learned a lot about myself, cars, my family and friends and the value news lists. I'm a member of a group whose members have proven invaluable to me during this process.

5 years, I've been working on this car. Feeling around blindly, knowing nothing about cars before diving under the hood--which is low and small, by the way. I've learned though. Mostly, I've learned patience which I've carried over to dealings with my children, partner, co-workers and colleagues. That kind of lesson is priceless. Everything ELSE is costing me precious dollars.

So, I'd ask you to go on this journey with me. May be entertaining, may not. Who knows?

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