Saturday, October 18, 2008

Odd Occurances

Wow, the powers-that-be really do work in mysterious ways.  I had to take my truck in to have some work done.  The shop is right down the street.  I was waiting on my SO to pick me up but didn't see her when I walked out of the shop so I started walking down the street.  She pulled up later and picked me up on a street that we don't normally drive down.  Ever.  Not once since we've lived where we do.  As we're driving, I see a truck that belongs to a friend whom I've not spoken with in over a year.  I've left a couple of voice mails but nothing back.  I knew she'd moved from the house around the corner but didn't know where she'd went.

Until today.

We drive by and see her partner outside so we pull into the driveway and find out that my friend has been diagnosed with stage 2 metastatic cervical cancer and is facing the prospect of having everything taken out because it's metastasized to her pelvis.  She was diagnosed over a year ago.  We also find out that her partner was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer.  Both are going through chemo and radiation.

We'd have never known that had I not started walking home.  Had I not seen my SO drive up.  Had the timing been just right to drive down that particular street and had my friend's gf not been standing outside the front door of their new house.

Tell me there isn't a power larger than ourselves guiding our hands. 

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