Sunday, November 2, 2008

Camping at Chickasaw State Park

We drove up yesterday to camp just the one night.  The boys and I went and did a little fishing.  Nothing was biting where we were.  Would probably help to have a boat but we don't so we just played by the water and wasted some worms.  Later, around the campfire, we commented that watching the fire is just as entertaining, and maybe moreso, than watching TV.  I could stare at the fire for hours.  The boys enjoyed it.  No computers.  No Wii, Nintendo or whatever else they have.  We did some walking, wood gathering, fishing, talking and enjoying the company.  It was very peaceful and relaxing.  I should add that Chickasaw is very close to the town that I did most of my growing up in.  I lived in Henderson from 8 years old until 15 years old.  I loved it and used to run in the woods from the time I got up in the mornings until it was nearly dark and time for dinner.  The woods around Chickasaw are just like the woods I played in.  I had lots of memories come back to me.  It was good.

I didn't get much sleep.  Never do but just because I don't sleep well isn't a reason not to go.  Everybody else sleeps fine.

I'm ready to go back.  It's just 2 hours up the road and it's a beautiful drive.  We found a second lake but can only fish on that one if the camp isn't rented out.  There was a father and son duo out there.  He showed me the fish they'd caught.  Some damn fine Crappie.  Someone will eat good tonight.

Won't be us unless we go out.

The dogs are exhausted.  Both of them ran and ran and swam.  The yorkie found something in a wood pile next to the water that he wanted really badly.  He was furious with me when I took him away from it.  That's all we need is some snake bit emergency out there in the middle of nowhere.  Silly animal.  So he walked in the water just to get back at me then made sure to jump up in my side of the car and walk around allll over my seat.

Little effer.

Was a good weekend.  Made some memories.  Enjoyed the moment and will do it again.

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