Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where do I start??

So much to post. We bought a counter-top deep fryer over the weekend. Found it on Craig's list which I've just fallen in love with. We've sold several pieces of furniture on that list. I like it much better than ebay because it's local which means you can sell large pieces. Anyway. We used the fryer last night to make hot wings and let me tell you what. They were so good that they would have made you jump up and slap a swat team member. They were marinated in hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, onion and garlic powder then fried for about 12 minutes per batch. Holy cow. They were delicious. And fast. Much faster than doing them in the oven, which we've done before. Gotta give my missus credit for this one. She prepared the wings last night. Yum.

We've also been doing some renovating. I'm sitting in my newly rearranged living room admiring my newly installed and refurbished french doors that lead into our sun room. Wow. I'm not sure where this productivity is coming from. Maybe being stuck inside the house while it's cold outside is driving us to make these repairs. We've patched spots in the ceiling, removed a mirror and will put some pictures rails in the living room. It's as if we're making a new house. Shedding the old and putting on the new. Kinda comes with the new year.

Things are changing around the house. We're beginning to think about college for the oldest. Coming to terms with an alternative career path for the youngest. The memory loss of my partner. Perhaps this is a way to either cope or we're somehow riding the wave caused by all of the other change. Who knows? All I DO know is that it feels pretty good.

I think that today we will finish up little niggling projects throughout the rest of the house then tackle the picture rail. After that is finished we will tackle the sun room probably the next long weekend.

Right now I have to go get a second cup of coffee for the missus

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