Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sick on the weekend

Just a word of advice. Don't get sick on the weekend or at least don't wait until the weekend to try and get anything diagnosed.

This started Wednesday night. Stomach pains. I figured it was something that would go away all by itself so I didn't pay it much attention. Thursday, about 9:30AM, while at work, I doubled over. I knew then that it wasn't something that was just going to go away. I had to leave work. I went home and went to sleep thinking that if I could just have a good poop I'd feel better.

That didn't work either. So, I get up Friday morning and start looking for a GP because up until this point I really didn't need one. I never got really sick. A cold here and there. Sometimes a respiratory thing but nothing that really needed a dedicated GP. Until Friday. And I was stuck. I called two and there were either not in the office or booked.

So, I head off to the minor med. First I go to Baptist. Our new insurance doesn't cover Baptist so my next choice is either Methodist minor at Hacks Cross and Winchester or Germantown Pkwy and Club Pkwy. I opt for the closest which is Gtown. I drive there without packing a lunch and guess what? CLOSED FOR REMODELING. I climb back in the truck and head off to Hacks Cross and Winchester via Poplar and Fayette County. I had no idea Poplar and Hacks Cross didn't intersect. Anywhere in the state. I know where Piperton is now.

And so, I finally get to Methodist minor med only to wait 2 hours and finally be told that they can't definitively diagnose my fault gall bladder without an ultrasound. They don't have a machine. I could either go to the ER or try and find a GP that would take me. I call the one family physician's group that I've been to. Luckily, they can take me Saturday morning at 8.


I get there and quess where it is? Just one block from where I'd been Friday morning. Winchester just a block down from the Methodist minor med. And guess what else?? THEY DON'T HAVE AN ULTRASOUND EITHER!! Holy crap. So now, my choice is hold out until they can schedule me one on Monday or go to the ER.

I should have gone to the ER in the beginning but now, I'm trying to follow the rules. Be a good doobie. And what does it get me? A weekend of pain, some nausea and the inability to get a good night's sleep.

I'm cranky. I have a gallbladder that feels like someone is trying to ring itself out. They put me on the bland diet. Rice, toast, tea, bananas. Like a good doobie I eat it and I still feel like shit. So you know what? If it doesn't matter what I eat, and according to my gut it doesn't matter, then I want a great big goddamned hamburger. Stomach pains be damned.

Lortab works.

And my youngest doesn't understand why I don't feel like driving him all over town. I feel more like running him over several times with the truck.

I'm going to go lay down and later I'm going to have the cheeseburger. Gallbladder my ass. Ultrasound my ass.

And one wonders why healthcare has skyrocketed. There is no such thing as one stop shopping anymore. OH OH OH....and after the ultrasound my GP will have to refer me to a surgeon so there ONE MORE BLOODY VISIT TO THE BLOODY DOCTOR.

I'm hungry and everything I eat hurts. I'm cranky.


Just another southern gay guy said...

What the'ell does a gall bladder even DO?!

Save This MG said...

Filters waste. Apparently a piece of garbage didn't agree with me.