Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Vacation was awesome! Traveling in the RV was a pleasant adventure even when we had to spend the night in the Firestone parking lot in Hattiesburg, MS. We had some overheating issues which required us to stay over night.

So hear we are in the parking lot with our feet kicked up watching a Harry Potter movie while eating dinner that my SO had cooked. The next morning we're all getting up but still in our sleeping clothes while breakfast is being cooked. Sausage, biscuits and eggs. The poor Firestone techs were just looking over at the RV and drooling. We had the exhaust fan on in the RV which sucked all that good smell out into the parking lot.


We got back on the road and made it down to the coast. The weather was nearly perfect. Two days of showers then 7 days of mid to upper 70's, clear, great water. It was just wow. Lots of time to read and relax and recharge. I love it down there. I think moving there would kill the magic though. Not sure. May have to test that though.

Amazingly enough, we all got along even though we were in tight quarters. There was very little computer access so we either had to read or play games or just sit and enjoy the calm. I enjoyed the calm. I enjoyed the sun and the wind and the water and the peace.

I can hardly wait to go back.

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Diane said...

It is a little slice of heaven...and sharing it with you, priceless!