Monday, March 30, 2009

Broadway Pizza

I keep forgetting it's there and just down the street from me.  We decided to go there last night at about 5:30.  It wasn't crowded so we thought that dinner would come quickly. 

Not so.

And we discovered why.  They do a HUGE takeout business.  I wish they delivered.

We ordered a large "everything" which is what the youngest wanted.  We also ordered hotwings.  We ordered the hot which turned out to not be terribly hot but very tasty.  I'd get them again.  The sauce is spicy with a hint of vinegar and salt.  it was delicious.

And the pizza was also delicious although I don't think I'd the the "everything" again.  It was too much.  The flavors all meshed together until it really didn't taste like much.  Kinda like mixing all the colors together and you just end  up with black.  I'd go with only a few toppings.

I think that next time we might call ahead although the wait wasn't unpleasant because we entertained ourselves at the table. 

We will definitely go again and might even go there for lunch or at least call a pizza in then go pick it up.  I don't think it would give Memphis Pizza Cafe a run but it's a nice diversion and much closer to us.

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