Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ducks and stuff

I was heading to Home Depot yesterday to get propane refills and while driving down a midtown street--in the heart of midtown, mind you--what do I see crossing the road? A mama, daddy and 4 baby ducks. Kid you not. Out for a Saturday afternoon stroll. I had to wave down an on-coming truck so the wouldn't get hit. They wandered up in someone's backyard I guess because I saw no sign of them on my drive home.

is that good luck? Should be. They were mallards, I think. Don't those have the green heads?

I went fishing with a friend yesterday afternoon. We caught 3 hand-sized perch. My fishing buddy called them shell crackers. I've never heard of that. I've only heard of sun perch or bull gill bream. I'm guessing they're the same thing, just a different name. We gave them to an older couple that was fishing and had a stringer almost full. Not really worth it to clean 3 fish. We're looking for someplace better to go. I think no matter what, if we want better catches we're going to have to get a boat. Just a 2 person fiberglass would be great.

It's quiet in the house right now. The oldest is away at computer camp. My SO and youngest drove up yesterday to pick him up. The youngest had Kendo practice this morning and the oldest is released at 4. They'll drive home and chaos will once again rule supreme in this household.

The silence takes me back to when we lived separately. I enjoyed it but found that I got bored and restless and would find things to do that would sometimes cause me trouble. Like a home improvement project or a half-baked attempt at gardening. I love my family but there's heartache associated with it. The 15 year old has developed an attitude and the 13 year old his honing his. It's exhausting. Not to mention trying to make sure the SO is still able to handle them and everything that comes with it.

All I really want is peace. And to win the lottery. That wouldn't suck because then I could move to peace. Boarding school is a wonderful thing.

I need to go iron. And thaw something for dinner. And take a nap.

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