Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's 5:09AM and....

There are just some things a woman shouldn't have to do this early in the morning. Our sweet precious cat, who belongs to our youngest, is a fierce hunter. She lays low in the outback that is our back yard and stealthily stalks her prey.

This morning, I happened to be in the kitchen pouring my first cup of coffee when I heard the great hunter come in through the animal door. Lo and behold there she was with a BIG FAT RAT in her mouth.

She was SO proud. She tried to put it at my feet in adoration.

I had other thoughts. I shooed her outside toot-sweet. She played with it for a moment, I guess hoping it would come alive and play back. Who knows why cats play with their food? I came back in the house and sat down to read the news and enjoy my coffee.

She had other thoughts. In she came very quietly. I knew she was in the house only by the jingle of the tags on her collar. I went to to check and didn't see the BIG FAT RAT at first. I think she was laying on it trying to hide it. It showed up after I walked back in the room from checking the bathroom which is where she usually deposits her kills. I guess she thinks it would be easier to clean up in there. After all, butcher shops are tiled.

Anyway, I picked it up with gloves on and took it to the trash.

In my underwear. God love my neighbors.

I'm pretty sure it was a male.

No female has anything that big between her legs.

I picked it up by its tail which is how I caught a glimpse of that package.

God love the females.

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