Monday, September 17, 2007


Now, I have a second favorite restaurant and it's
Abyssinia Ethiopian RestaurantAbyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
2600 Poplar Ave # 115Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 321-0082

This wonderful, family owned and run restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Mon-Saturday. Yilma and Sabla (forgive the spelling) greet you warmly if its your first or fiftieth visit. While the buffet is great if you want to sample. Please talk with Sabla and tell her what you generally like, spicy, mild, light, heavy etc. and she will give you a great recommendation. I HIGHLY recommend going and giving yourself time to look at the many artifacts on the walls and around the restaurant. Order a "traditional" meal and practice taking small piece of Ethiopian bread (a sourdough pancake really, made with the world's smallest grain, teff) and pick up your food and pop it in your mouth, but don't touch your fingers to your mouth, that's bad manners! They will usually give you silverware unless they know you :) They used to have wine, but seem to have stopped that recently. Go, enjoy and tell them I sent you! Their menu is online at and they always post 2 or 3 coupons a month. That makes an already inexpensive meal, extra reasonable. Caution: each entree EASILY serves 2!

Don't miss it!

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