Friday, September 14, 2007

Calm time

So, we've been here almost a full week. Time seems to slow down here which is nice because life at home has been very hectic lately. For the first time ever I've had tiny little panicky moments over the weekends about going back. Wondering if I can get it all done. Do I know the right answers. That sort of stuff. It passes generally and I manage to do just fine but I've never felt that way before.

Vacation came at just the right moment. I know it's 8 years away but I'm looking forward to retirement and don't really care how broke I'll be. All I know is that right now, things are happening at work that I don't agree with morally, ethically and legally and there's not one damn thing I can do about it. Well, I could quit but I'm not making that choice at the moment.

What I have done is sit down and make a plan to retire my debt with the exception of the house. If I follow my plan then in 4 years and 2 months I'll be debt free with the above exception. At that point, I can flip off the world. Wouldn't but I could. I'll bide my time until I can retire. I'd be cool with a canvas tent and a small air conditioner as long as it's near a body of water.

Anyway, back to vacation. The weather has been great. We have had some rain but I must say that I've enjoyed sitting on the upper deck watching the storm roll in over the gulf. It's amazing to watch the edges and see the rain coming down then to feel the breeze go from warm to cool within seconds. Awesome stuff. And then the sun comes out and it's back down to the surf and sand and sun. Life is good. I could retire to someplace close to here. Or the carribbean or mexican coast. Right now, I just need to plan for my next cold beer and sunshine tomorrow.

Buy my mg.

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Just another southern gay guy said...

Cooper Young was 76 and sunny. Absolutely perfect day.