Friday, July 13, 2007

Mayors, Indictments, Pensions

Anybody reading the news or listening to the radio or watching tv should be aware of what's going on. On Tuesday, City Council says there's nothing they can do about the MLGW board granting a pension to a former CEO who....wait for it....wait for it......QUIT!! He resigned. Turned in a letter of resignation that the Mayor ultimately accepted. He did NOT retire therefore is NOT eligible for a pension or medical benefits and yet, the utility's board, in their infinite wisdom, decided to give that man a pension for life. Decided to grant $70,000 per year for life. Decided to give away the rate payers hard earned money on someone who put the Division at risk. Who lied. Who cheated the rate payers. Who has been indicted and will quite probably be convicted. Is that a proper way to govern the utility?

What a slap in the face to all other employees--honest, hard working, law-abiding employees--who come to work everyday and do their absolute best. They don't lie. They don't break the rules. They don't cheat the rate payers but should they choose to quit, they don't get a pension either. I would encourage every other former employee of MLGW to approach the Board and ask to have their pension granted. It's only fair and right.

Grow a set, Masson, and overturn this decision or are you afraid because it would go against your buddy, your pal, your former boss? We all know where your loyalty lies and it ain't with the Division. You've proven that in how you've handled this debacle.

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