Friday, July 13, 2007

Time passes

Wow, it's been some days since I've posted. I have seat belts to put in my MG. Work is crazy. City politics are driving me crazy. How hard is it to just do right? How hard is it to put competent people in the right places? Apparently very given the events of the last few days. Indictments coming down. Politicians changing their pleas. Candidates....are they? Aren't they? He isn't black enough. He's too black. She's too white or just a bitch. Why, in this city, does it always boil down to race? I'm sick of it. How about he's not smart enough or she's plenty smart? How about we all pay taxes and they're too damn high? How about we're not getting good government regardless of our skin color? How about we have children killing children with guns? How about we have children running the streets at all hours? How about where are the parents? That doesn't know from race. It knows from carelessness and callousness. It knows from crime and lack of direct.

How about someone who can fix those or at least start trying?

I have seat belts to install tomorrow.

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