Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've been reading another post on a different website talking about the Walnut Grove interchange. Got me to thinking about road building projects. It irritates me beyond believ that my tax money is going to support the commuter habits of people who CHOSE to move away from the center of the city. Nobody forced them out there. Why should my hard earned dollars be used to support their choice? Let the developers pay for the infrastructure. The city is under a code red or orange for ozone and still, those folks choke up the roadways. Perhaps they should pay a user fee over and above the wheel tax. I live 7 minutes away from where I work and 5 minutes away from anyplace that I might choose to go. The government shouldn't subsidize sprawl. $230 million on a road expansion and we have people in this city that don't have access to healthcare or good education. Something's wrong with that.

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