Saturday, December 3, 2016

"God's" Will

Say that fast enough and long enough and it begins to sound like godswill.  Godswill.  And that's exactly what I think all this nonsense about the election outcome being "God's will" is all about.

As painful as this may be, this little soapbox dissertation is going to require that we talk about our--well, mine, anyway--idea of God.  This vengeful, meddling being that many preachers and people talk about, I don't believe exists.  That's a made-up human construct created to frighten people into submission so that weak, pathetic false "leaders" can control them.  We use "God" in the same way we use Santa Claus.  "If you don't do right, you won't get....." whatever that may be.  "If you don't do what I say and what I say are "God's" words, then you won't...."  what?  Go to heaven?  Be blessed?

Da fuck?

The "God" I believe in has one rule.  Love your fellow human with the understanding that loving them means you take care of, honor, protect, communion with all of them regardless of their race, gender, orientation, hair style, height of the heels, cost of their clothing, value of their car, square footage of their house, their paycheck, savings account, taste in food and wine (though I might have some thoughts on that), hair color or how many children they have.  In "God's" eyes, we are the human race.

Say it...human....again....HUUUUman.  "God", my god, has no concept of race or geography or ritual.  "God" only conceives of humans.  And so should we.

Those people out there who are saying, "It's God's will" about whatever they saying it about are only trying to absolve themselves of the conscious choices they have made.  Remember in the bible where it says that man was granted free will after that little episode in the garden of eden?  Right, people, "God" said, "Fine, make your own damn decisions."  But "God" didn't say there would be no consequences.

If everything we did was "God's" will then we could go around doing whatever we wanted without fear of retribution or adverse reactions.  "OH, yeah, I shot that dude but it was "God's" will."  Bless you son, carry on because "God" knows all.  And that thunderclap you just heard is "God" smacking its forehead.  By the way, while we're in the paragraph, "God" isn't male or female or "God" can be either, depending on your personal belief system which makes "God" transgender.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Which leads me to this election.  "God" had nothing to do with Trump getting elected.  Bigoted, hate-filled, frightened humans had everything to do with it.  Own it but don't you dare try to absolve your choices on the back of "God" and "God's" will.  God is as heartbroken over what we are choosing to do to each other as any of the rest of us.  Every time we say, "Send them back", "Ship them home", "Don't let them marry", "Hang the nigger", "Kill the bitch/witch", "No choice over their own bodies", we are talking about "God's" children.  "God's" humans.

As a reminder to you creationists, those are "God's" children.  Your "Father's" children which makes them your siblings, your family member.  Unless, of course, you think that "God" is out there having unprotected sex outside of marriage then, I suppose, those children are illegitimate.  But that would mean "God" made a mistake...but....wait, "God" never makes a mistake right?  You said so.  You say it every time you say say, "It's "God's" will."

Fuckers.  Don't you dare try and wash away your guilt/sin/choice by calling "God's" will. head hurts.  I guess that's "God's" will.

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