Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My People

I lost two of my people very suddenly and very unexpectedly about 24 hours ago.  When something like that happens, I always say, "Love your people."  And you should.  We all should because what happened just reinforces that you never know.  Sometimes ends come quickly.  Sometimes the end comes agonizingly slowly.  I've had both.

I reached out to a couple of folks to let them know that they're my people and I said, "Love your people."  I was asked, "Who are my people?"  I had to stop and think about that for a moment.  How do you not know who your people are?  And I'm not talking about your person.  Everyone should know who their person is.  Mine does.  And I know exactly who mine is.  But, to not know who your people are?  That kinda took me aback.

Your people are your friends, your family, whoever your people are, I said.  Only you can decide that, I said.  OK, she said.  Huh.

So, I started thinking about my people.  You know, membership in that group changes from time to time.  Sometimes they enter into that group for one specific purpose or "lesson" and when it's learned, they move on.  Or are forced on, whatever the case may be.  Many times, once you become a member of my people group, you're in for life whether you like it or not.  And there are times when you won't.  I'm not always an easy person to be a person for.  I'm stubborn.  I'm opinionated.  I'm grumpy.  I don't deal well with foolishness and nonsense and when that is dealt out to my people from others...well, I don't deal well with that either.  Don't attack my people.  But, I'm also fiercely loyal and demand that from my people.  I am sometimes honest to a fault and expect that from others.  Do whatever else you want to me but don't lie to me.  We can debate lies by omission later.

Why are my people my people?  Some make me laugh.  Some make me think.  Some I may only have contact with once every couple of years and some I have contact with everyday.  My people are those whom I choose to listen to, not always talk to.  Some find me pallets and gnomes and send me post cards and give me gifts even after I tell them not to.  But they all like or love me no matter what.  They don't always agree with me but how boring would life be if you only surrounded yourself with "yes" people.  I like "no" people and "whatthefuckever" people and "fuck yeah" people.  I like crazy and passionate and fun and committed people.

My circle of people--my large circle and my inner circle--complete me in some form or fashion.  Some are the edge pieces and some are the ridiculously complicated inner pieces.  They all fit around me.  They make up the three dimensional complicated puzzle that is me.

I believe my people know who they are.  I belive my people know I love them either through my words or actions and if you have a doubt, ask me.

Love your people, people because you never, ever know.


Denise Bond said...

Eloquently put ma'am, with a whatthefuckever and a hellz naw. I love my people and I'm grateful to call you one.

Save This MG said...

Love you too