Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today was an interesting and enlightening day.  It was beautiful.  Sunny.  Hot.  My morning started with a bike ride with 117 other bikes to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, a place where families stay who have children with catastrophic illnesses.  So, I started my day grateful.

Pulling into the parking lot of the House filled me with peace and the knowledge that I would do something good today.

The good I did there wasn't the good I would do today.  That good came later and is, hopefully, still coming.

Today was a private gathering for a woman whom I felt an attachment with only I didn't know why until today.  I was included in the private gathering which felt right but had me scratching my head. I knew that this woman would always make a point to come sit with me and talk to me.  She sat close, touching, but it didn't feel odd to have her in my space.  It felt right.  Familiar.  Old.  Comfortable.

So, I went but not just for me.  It turns out I was there for someone else, only I didn't know it until I hugged her and then I knew why.  And that felt right too.

At some point, everybody went inside because someone was going to say a few words.  I tried to go in even though I was in my motorcycle gear, standing out like a sore thumb but I didn't care because she didn't care.  I just couldn't stay in the house.  Something wouldn't let me go in beyond the entryway and something kept pulling my back outside.

So, there I was in the front yard when it hit me.  She was there.  I felt her.  I asked if it was her and started crying because she was sad.  She very clearly told me to tell everyone there that she was sad because we were sad and she didn't want that.  She told me that she was exactly where she was supposed to be.  She told me that I was there because she was supposed to tell me that.  She also told me that I was there to help hold someone else up.

It lasted for only a moment but touched me deeply.  

I hope those who need to hear this hear it or read it and realize that it's meant for them.

If nothing else, learn this--If you feel something for someone then tell them before it's too late.  Tomorrow isn't a given.

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