Monday, August 3, 2009


She's one of our cats.  I think of her as the oldest but she may not be but only by days when compared to another cat that was adopted at the same time.  She's been diagnosed with sarcoma.  We're going to keep her comfortable but know that before the week is out we'll have to make the "decision." 

She's had a really good life.  Soft bed to sleep in.  A family that has loved her.  Other cats to play with.  A garage to hide in.  Rats, mice and cicada to catch.  Raw hamburger meat to eat.  There's no way we could let her linger and suffer.

Isn't it funny that in the name of being humane, we have the option of a peaceful exit via euthanasia but we can't do that to our human loved one.  We can't be humane to humans.  We make them linger and suffer and hurt and lose their memory and lose control of their bodily functions.  How is that humane?  How is that human?

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