Monday, August 3, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new.

Herenton's gone.  We can sing a little song and do a little dance.  Lowry is in.  We can do another little dance then stand on the sidelines for a bit and watch what he does.  So far so good.  I find it funny that those who supported Herenton are singing the loudest about how the city is going to hell.  And this thing with Jefferson.  I'm confused.  He wanted to quit under Herenton but wasn't allowed to.  Now, the new Mayor Pro Tem wants Jefferson gone but Jefferson doesn't want to leave.  Figure that one.  Did Jefferson know something that Herenton was doing which Jefferson wanted to get away from and now that Herenton isn't doing it anymore, he wants to stay?

Sounds like an abusive relationship to me.  The abuser is gone and the abused wants to stay.  Baffles me.

I'm just ready for a new day in the city.  Lowry has invited those who left to come back.  I heartily agree.  We need those good folks back.  This city can be great but it's going to take work and dedication and and smart people.  I'm hopeful.  This city has great in it.  This city has great people in it.  This city won't make progress until the old guard is gone so that the new guard can make progress without pulling the old guard's caboose.  I'm ready for that progress.

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