Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Potato Cannon

We had a nice family weekend.  The boys were scheduled to have some friends over for a game night but all families backed out for various reasons.  My youngest was feeling it the most.  He's my social mocking bird.  So, we loaded up his potato cannon and took it down to the greenbelt at the end of the street. 

We set up, carefully loaded it, sprayed just the right amount of hairspray into the combustion chamber then pushed the button.

WHOOMP and out shot the potato.  The people sitting on their porch across the street immediately turned around to watch.  We fired off another and they were moving closer.  Then a third that really boomed because the youngest added just a little more hairspray.  We decided at that point to pack it up because we figured the police were next.  As we were leaving, we noticed a father and 2 sons coming down the street.

Sorry they missed it.

What is it about loud booms that attract people?  Fireworks do it.  Sonic booms do it.  Apparently a family spending time together with a potato cannon does it.

Maybe we'll get it out again soon.

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