Sunday, August 3, 2008


My partner was coming home from a secret shop out by the animal shelter and felt this overwhelming urge to go. Once she got there, she went on the cat side and saw in a cage 3 tiny not yet weened (or shouldn't be anyway) kittens. She went to the front and offered to foster them. They shouldn't have been there. There was no mother and here was NO way they were eating solid food. NOBODY at the shelter would let her bring them home and in fact, one of the workers said they usually just let them die.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS????? What happened to the crackshot director that was hired from Arizona, or where ever? What happened to compassion? What happened to common sense?

She has called twice and only gets voicemail. She has emailed twice and gets NO response. I'm sure those babies are dead. Left in a cage to slowly starve. I'm outraged. How could humans do this to a helpless, defenseless kitten?

I suggested we go back and just take them out. Let them arrest us. I'd love for this to hit the news. We're going to try again tomorrow but I'm betting that they're dead. Victims of uncaring, unthinking humans.

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