Monday, May 19, 2008

School Board Superintendent

So Kenneth Whalum, Jr. thinks that a young black male should run the schools.

Have you ever heard such drivel?? Can you imagine the mushroom cloud that would go up over Memphis had a white male made the comment that a white male should be running the schools? Memphis would have been leveled from the blast.

Hey....there's an idea. But no, I happen to like this city. I see the potential and I'll be damned if I'm going to give up on it. Whalum not withstanding. Stupid, pinheaded freak.

What the schools need is the best qualified regardless of race and/or gender. Someone with enough backbone to stand up to this city and say, "It's time for you parents to get serious and become involved in your children's lives."

Where is the screaming by Whalum over the lack of involvement in these "young black males" in their childrens' lives? Why isn't he out hollering about that? As I've said in another forum, fix what's wrong at home and the problems in the schools will fix themselves. The classroom isn't a place to be raised. It's isn't the responsibility of the teacher to become the parent.

It isn't fair to those children who really want to learn to have to put up with the garbage that is flung by those childrent who don't want to be there.



Some people have forgotten that. Some politicians have forgotten that. Some psychiatrist and psychologist have forgotten that. Ohhh, let's not bruise little Johnny or little Suzie's fragile ego.

Ain't nothing fragile about child that brings a gun to school and shoots his classmate. Ain't nothing fragile about a child that threatens a teacher during class. Get rid of the garbage. Make schools a safe place for learning. This bullshit about in-school suspension or detention is crap.

I have an idea. Take those kids that don't really want to be there and give them a year in a service organization but make them serve their year in a third world country. Let them learn what it's like to not have a school they can go to because one doesn't exist. Let them learn what it's like not to have indoor plumbing or running water, or hell, for that matter, safe water to drink. Let's see how big and bad they'll be when they come home. Let them duck bullets from rebels while trying to cook dinner. Then we'll see how the little freaks feel about being at home. Let mummy and daddy worry about Butnot Mychild when Butnot Mychild is trying to figure out where their next meal is coming from. Or when Butnot Mychild has to really walk 14 miles to get to school in the rain or snow or heat. And if Butnot Mychild is female? Let them worry when she isn't even allowed to go to school.

Give the children that want to learn an environment free from stress other than what will be on the next test. Shut up Whalum and get out of the way of progress.

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