Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well, the SO and I had a disagreement about the status of upkeep on the piece of yard on the south side of the house.  Afterwards, we went out to do yard work which turned in to transplanting 3 large azaleas that had been growing in our front yard for 17 years.  It took two teenage boys, two adult females, 2 broken shovels, 1 intact shovel, the truck and a moving strap to get the suckers out of the ground.  Two of the larger ones have been moved up by the house.  The pieces of the smaller one have been moved to the backyard.  Let's hope they grow.

The eldest announced (after we told him he had on inappropriate shoes) that if the slaves could build the pyramids of egypt in sandals, he could dig up a bush.

How does one argue with that?

The youngest wanted to build a catapult type contraption to hoist it out of the ground which would involve timbers, straps and a sling.

He tends to overdo.

We attached a moving strap to the base and pulled it out with the truck but not before spraying the front yard with mud because, you know, it's rained a little.

There was no yelling, no screaming, not throwing of tools.  It was actually a fairly pleasant experience if you over look the mud and sweat which, who can really when it's all over you.

The problem now, besides keeping the transplanted bushes alive, is the upkeep on the front yard.  It's no longer hidden from the street so we have to mindful about that.  Mowing will have to be done more than twice a year unless we decide to declare it a nature preserve.

I've sent for the paperwork on that.

Right now, the SO and I are sitting our our patio eating popcorn and working on the computer.  Life it pretty good.

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Diane said...

Life is beautiful with you