Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well today ended with a rush of adrenalin.  My SO calls.  "They fucking left our son at the state park!!!"  I'm...wha????  The 8th grade went on a field trip and to Meaman state park and some how they managed to leave 3 children behind.  The school didn't know it.  Apparently the bus driver just left.  People were rushing around trying to find them.  Two teachers raced back to the State Park trying to chase my SO down and stop her.  It was a mess.  The other two parents were in the office with me.  The police show up then leave once they (and we) found out that the kids were at the visitor's center and were safe.  I guess leaving children behind isn't criminal--just incompetent.  For 15 minutes, I felt like all the other parents out there who have lost a child.  It's horrible.  It's helpless and it's enough to make one eat nails and spit out needles.

He's fine.  You'd never know from him that something weird happened.  Go figure children.

I want to hold someone accountable, but I just don't know who.  Or if it's even worth it to stay upset about it. 

Good grief.

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Bev said...

No Child Left Behind - Fail.

You're kidding me...it's not a CRIME? I'd probably still consult a lawyer. Slap someone's wrist, and kick someone's ass.