Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Toy

We've been collecting fallen limbs from our neighbors and all around the block to burn in our outdoor fireplace.  Last weekend, we had a BIG limb fall from the tree on the south side of the house.  Now, I got out there last weekend and with my little hand tree limb trimming saw I cut this muther up and threw it over the fence into the back yard. 

The pieces weren't small enough to put in the little fireplace but I told myself that I was in no way shape or form going to cut that limb up any smaller with a hand saw.

So the oldest and I went shopping.  I had no intentions of buying a chainsaw until I saw one on the shelf at Lowe's.  Since the SO chose not to go with us, I didn't have that voice screaming at me "WE CAN'T AFFORD IT."  So guess what?

We are now the proud owners of an electric chain saw.  If there's a limb out there that this saw can't handle then we don't need it.  I'm not heating the house for God's sake.

The oldest and I are driving home and he asks me what I think the youngest will do when we get this home.

I calmly and without censoring said, "He'll get a hard on."

My oldest nearly choked holding back the Dr. Pepper that he was about to spew all over the dashboard and windshield.  I think some even made it out through his nose but at least he didn't get it all over the car.

That might have upset me.

He told me not to do that again and I apologized saying it was a totally inappropriate remark to make to my oldest.  He said it wasn't the remark because it was funny.  It was the timing. 

Apparently Dr. Pepper up the nose is painful. 

I wouldn't know.

Anyway, we get home and spend a couple of hours cutting up limbs into about 9" pieces that will be easily splittable and burnable.  Then, when the limbs run out we start looking for other pieces of wood.

I did draw the line at the fence.  The youngest was disappointed until I reminded him that he would be the one chasing the dogs.

It really is all about the simple things.  A saw.  Wood.  A match and a fire pit made a glorious Sunday afternoon.  All we needed was a big chunk of dead animal to roast and we would have been close to our roots.

We settled for Krystals when the youngest and the SO had to go to Sally Beauty Supply to fix the hair bleach job that they did this afternoon.

He's an enigma.  He's cuts wood with me all afternoon then lets the SO bleach and dye his hair.

Go figure.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that I consider the judicious use of narcotics from time to time.  You try living with these two boys for a while.

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sunbar said...

As bein' a mother (both literally and figuratively) much longer than you , i say: wait and see how much more fun it can be....