Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Time off Happenings I have to go up into the attic twice over the holiday.  Once to see why our front porch is leaking.  Now, mind you--I'm no small chicken anymore but am still amazed at what I can still fold up and do.  I had to slip through studs that are only 18" apart and slither down into the space over the porch.  Find the leak and put a bucket under it until I can get on the roof and re-roof that portion.  I found it alright.  Finally.  This was the fourth trip up there to look. 

The next day, I have to go up there to find out why the corner of the ceiling in the living room is looking funky.  I go up and slither around on my belly in the attic out next to the wall.  Not much room to work.  I can't see any reason why this would be happening.

I come back down.

Then we go shopping for a new kitchen faucet with some christmas money that the SO's parents sent.  You'd think it would be a simple install.

Oh hell no.  Nothing in a midtown home is simple.  Took me 2 hours.  Had to stop all the leaks including the drain trap that got knocked loose.  It's in.  But I cussed a blue streak.  Even the instructions said I would.  They also told me to stop and take a beer break.  I should have.  I didn't.

I'm under the sink in a very uncomfortable position.  I've loosened the supply lines and have water dripping down on my face.  My arms are stretched up in some unnatural position trying to loosen the nuts holding the faucet in and my SO wants to know what I want for dinner.

What I want for dinner.

I don't give a shit at that point as long as it doesn't require water.

We order pizza.

Nevertheless, it's in and looks great.

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