Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation Countdown

Florida. That glorious piece of land sitting right next to the gulf. Sugar white sand. No alarm clock. Just books, booze, beach and food.

We rent a house down there for a month beginning the first weekend after Labor Day. We save all year for it. My income tax refund goes for this trip. I drive a piece of crap boss truck so that I can afford a month on the beach. I don't buy new clothes very often. We make choices and sacrifices because going there is that important.

It's where I recharge and after this last year, man, do I need some recharging. I want to wake up in the morning and not give a damn about how many jobs I have to fill or how many investigations I have to do. I just want to wake up and find my coffee and stumble out onto the deck until it's time to go to the water.

I want peace and at this stage in my life, I feel I'm entitled to some of that. I feel my entire family is entitled to some of that. We have some rough times coming and need to enjoy what we have now because the memories we make now might be memories that my partner will be able to hang on to later.

I hope so, anyway. It's also nice because the boys still want to spend time with us. I know that will change as they get older so we book this vacation every year and will until we can't or it no longer does its job with us. I'll grieve that later. I'll grieve many things later but right now, I want to focus on making memories.

We leave in 27 days.

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